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Clean laundry, at your fingertips

There are lots of apps out there, but not many that will do your laundry for you. That’s where Cleanly comes in. Now this is what we call the age of convenience.

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Schedule your weekly pickup time for now, later. We’re easy, so do whatever works for you.


A professional CMC valet will swing by with custom laundry and garment bags to collect your items—so your clothes are protected in style.


Your cloths are returned fresh & clean 24 hours later. In the mean time you can close that next big business deal or just grab a coffee.

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Hassle Free. Take CMC for a spin

Since we began, CMC has been dedicated to solving one chore we all deal with on a weekly basis — laundry. More importantly, we've been on a mission to give people back the only thing that truly matters—time. Time to do things we love.

With CMC, you'll get free delivery, free hang dry, and much, much more. Laundry hasn't been this easy since mum used to do it. Starting at $14.99/week.

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